The history of Quality Excites is the history of quality!

A few years ago, two software testing aficionados from Future Processing – Daniel Dec and Łukasz Kempny – started wondering whether they, as the experts in their fields, were able to share knowledge with the people from the QA and DEV worlds in the nearest region or even in whole Poland. They were driven mainly by the excitement of quality and willingness to share their experience in creating it.

How did it go? Have a look in our archive.

Quality excites us!

Today, with the number of Quality Excites attendees growing year by year, we are convinced that the idea accompanying us from the event’s very first edition is right and that the topics covered during the conference are necessary and valuable.

Quality Excites takes months of preparations and intense work of enthusiasts and experts in their fields always willing to dispute and expand their horizons. Curiosity and ambition to create ‘more and better’ are reflected in the high-quality IT projects realised down to the smallest detail.

Why take part in Quality Excites?

We present the most actual trends from the world of QA

the consultants responsible for creating the agenda put a lot of attention to select the speakers and the topics to meet the expectations from even the most inquisitive testers and developers.

We do not limit ourselves to testing

our approach is similar to that of interdisciplinary teams, which aim to develop the best software possible. Therefore, we invite everybody who is interested in the conference’s subjects.

We support the variety of the session forms

lectures, discussion panels, or workshops? You can find all of these in our annual agenda.

Participation in the conference is free

we believe that exchanging knowledge within the IT community does not have to cost – everybody who sends an application form has a chance to take part in it!


each year, the world-famous experts are invited whose knowledge is widely respected by other specialists in their fields.

Quality excites us!

Quality Excites is a conference organised by and for enthusiasts. For last six years, we have been building a community whose biggest priority is the quality improvement.



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