Is the conference free of charge?

Both Quality Excites and Quality Meetups are free of charge. It means you don’t have to pay for the  participation in the events.

Who is the conference for?

Among Quality Excites’ participants there are: quality assurance engineers, testers, programmers, project managers, designers and many more. However, we don’t limit the conference to these groups. Everyone who is interested in the conference is welcome to register.

Do I have to register to become a participant of the conference?

Yes. Registration is required if you want to be a participant of Quality Excites. It concerns both the main event and workshops.

When will the registration for the participants start?

Registration for the 7th edition of Quality Excites will start in the second half of May 2018. We will keep you updated with the details.

How do you choose the participants of the conference?

First of all, we want to avoid the rule “first come, first served”. Your motivation is the most important to us. That is why we really care about what you write in the registration form – this is the key factor of becoming a participant. Show us that quality excites!

Will the entire conference be in Polish?

Usually, the talks at Quality Excites are in Polish but, in fact, everything depends on our speakers. This year our special guests will be speaking in English. If the language of a talk or a workshop is different than Polish, there will be information in the agenda.

Is it possible to watch QE online after the conference is over?

With the permission of our speakers, the talks will be recorded. After the conference, the best speeches, selected by means of questionnaires and mobile app, will be published on the Quality Excites YouTube channel.

I would like to speak at the conference, but I have no idea for the presentation.

Quality Excites is a conference about the quality of code or the products. But these are not the only subjects we talk about. You can talk about the processes or team management. It means that we speak not only about technical aspects – we are also waiting for proposals that could help our participants organize work in their teams, improve communication and many more.

For inspiration, go to the list of subject, located within the Call for Proposals form.

What form of proposal should I submit?

The most popular forms of presentation at Quality Excites are talks, workshops and discussion panels. However, we are open to some new ideas. If you would like to share your knowledge about quality in a different way – bring it on!

What is the time of each presentation?

Actually, it depends on your preferences. In the previous editions of QE, workshops took about 4 hours and that is the maximum limit we would like to keep. For discussion panels it was about 1 hour. This year’s lecture time limits are 20/30/40 minutes.

In which language should I submit my presentation?

You can send your proposal in Polish or in English. If you already prepared abstract and biography in both languages, you can enter the translation in the step 2 of the registration form.

Do speakers get paid for speaking at Quality Excites?

We provide all speakers with a special conference welcome pack, we reimburse travel costs and provide hotel accommodation in Gliwice. However, the speakers selected in the CfP do not receive remuneration.

We want to conduct a lecture/workshop in a group. How should we report this in the CfP form?

The person who registers the group can make a comment at the end of the registration form. You can do it in step 2 – section “space for additional comment”. Each of the speakers will be presented on the Quality Excites website, so we will certainly contact you for biographical details.

What is the deadline for sending my proposal?

The Call for Proposals ends on 24 April (Monday), but don’t wait for the last moment!



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