Call For Proposals

Hi! Since you are here, it means you are as excited about the quality as we are!

There is a “Call for Proposals” form in front of you. It is necessary to complete it if you want to present your session.
We wait for your application form until the 3rd of April 2018. Don’t wait until the last second to send it!

Looking for inspiration? Check out our suggested topics

Suggested subjects

Below, there is a list of suggested subjects for the upcoming Quality Excites conference. However, these topics are only examples and if your presentation goes beyond the proposed frames, you are also welcome to send your proposal.

  • Innovative approaches and strategies for quality assurance in a project
  • Test automation – design, good practices, patterns, advanced techniques, case studies
  • Managing test and production environments
  • Automation of testing process – continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous implementing
  • Improving the process of software development
  • Non-functional testing – security, performance, usability
  • Clean code – project patterns, architecture, managing technical debt
  • Requirements gathering and task estimation
  • Personal and team development
  • Approach to quality in Lean Startup projects
  • Topics related to Internet of Things/Wearable
  • Mobile application testing and cloud testing
  • Machine Learning testing and Artificial Intelligence testing
  • Quality Assurance for Space Projects

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