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The attendees include software developers, project managers, product owners and designers. The popularity of QE is not only represented by the growing number of speakers and participants. The second year in a row, Quality Excites took 1st place in the voting for the best testing events in Poland, within the category of free conferences.

About conference

Quality Excites (QE) is a Polish nationwide conference on software quality, dedicated to the professionals who use the newest technologies and the best practices. Year by year, the event attracts more and more people who are interested in Quality Assurance (QA) and who want to influence the field.

Founded in 2000, Future Processing (FP) is a software development company that operates on the global market. It specialises in software for industry, international trade and services.
FP’s mission statement is “Great software… because we put People first”. It is based on company’s values that include quality, development, passion and commitment, atmosphere and team spirit. All of the above transform into valuable initiatives.


Team QE

The best initiatives begin as a result of passion and engagement of those who care the most about development.
That is the story of Quality Excites and Quality Meetup which started due to great energy and involvement of Future Processing team.

Quality Excites consists of months of preparations and hard work of many people – programmers, QA engineers, graphic designers, mobile division, speakers, system administrators, marketing specialists and many others.


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